Term Window Plugin

Term Window v1.03
Author: Michael Morris @Blue Booth Studios, Yanfly (Message Core)
Engine: RPGMaker MV
Language: JavaScript
Links: RPGMakerWeb Plugin Release Post
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Allows a popup help window to explain game “terms” (names, places, events, etc.) while and only while a message box (dialogue) is open. A prompt specifying what button to press to toggle help displays atop the messagebox. Data is loaded from JSON. A term is any text enclosed with “/c[4].”

  • Automatically load terms for any message box, provided terms are surrounded with “/c[4].”
  • If more than one term is present in a message, terms can be toggled between using left and right input. An index and total number of terms are also shown.
  • Displays a small message above each message box with terms.
  • Terms can be one word or multiple words!
  • Each term is displayed only once in the Term Window regardless of number of repetitions in the message box.
  • Quick, easy, and unobtrusive – let interested players learn more about the lore without blocking less interested players from moving on!

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How to Use
  1. Download or copy script into your game js/plugins directory.
  2. Download Terms.json into your game data directory.
  3. Import script into your project and configure.
  4. Add any custom terms you have to Terms.JSON.

  1. None.

Script: BBS_TermWindow.js
JSON Data: Terms.json

Credit and Thanks
  • Micheal Morris @Blue Booth Studios
  • Yanfly for his Message Core Plugin

Known Bugs
  • None known.

Terms of Use
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Free for non-commercial usage of script as long as credit is given.

Please contact us for details.

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