Screen Flash Option Plugin

Screen Flash Option 1.01
Author: Michael Morris @Blue Booth Studios
Engine: RPGMaker MV
Language: JavaScript
Links: RPGMakerWeb Plugin Release Post
MV Plugins Entry

A simple script that allows those with sensitive eyes the option of disabling screen flashes. Screen flashes are enabled by default, but can now be toggled in the options menu.

  • Allow users to enable / disable screen flashes in the options menu.
  • Adds “Screen Flashes?” option to Options menu.
  • No changes need to be made to existing events causing screen flashes.
  • Does not cover changes in screen tint (in case you’re using a flash to cover the screen while moving events around).

How to Use
  1. Download or copy script into your game js/plugins directory.
  2. Import script into your project.

Script: BBS_FlashOption.js

Credit and Thanks
  • Micheal Morris @Blue Booth Studios

Known Bugs
  • None known.

Terms of Use
Contact us

Free for non-commercial usage of script as long as credit is given.

Please contact us for details.

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