Multi-Touch Plugin

Multi-Touch Plugin v1.02
Author: Michael Morris @Blue Booth Studios
Engine: RPGMaker MV
Language: JavaScript
Links: RPGMakerWeb Plugin Release Post
MV Plugins Entry

Adds Multi-Touch support to TouchInput core scripts. Separated out from BBS_MapControls.js so as to facilitate the growth of new features and gestures.

  • Full (tested) multi-touch support! WARNING: This required me to redo most of TouchInput core, which may introduce some incompatibilities.
  • Swipe (up/down/left/right) gesture support.
  • Input History tracking.

No screenshots provided – this script doesn’t produce visible effects by itself.

How to Use
  1. Download or copy script into your game js/plugins directory.
  2. Import script into your project.
  3. Call script plugin commands within your own events or plugins.

  1. Use with Yanfly’s Message Core plugin to resolve word wrapping!

Script: BBS_MultiTouch.js

Credit and Thanks
  • Micheal Morris @Blue Booth Studios
  • Credit to Tsukihime for continuing to be so helpful!
  • Jairajs89 – Touchy.js, which serves as basis for some multi-touch functionality.
  • Ramza, Lakaroth and friends for all their help testing multi-touch.

Known Bugs
  • None known.

Terms of Use
Contact us

Free for non-commercial usage of script as long as credit is given.

Please contact us for details.

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