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Res Judicata

Res Judicata, or RJ for short, is a 2D single-player comical role-playing game, set on an alternate history Earth in the year 1315 AD, shortly after the Templar Order is dissolved on behalf of the Pope.

The story is split into two arcs, which will be sold individually. The primary themes of the game are the nature of passion (both constructive and destructive), and a character study of the games primary characters. Mythologies and cultures around the globe are showcased in the setting and have a large effect on story

Res judicata Update

Written by admin on . Posted in Res Judicata

Hey everyone, welcome to the new site! Story and scripting is currently complete for most of Europe (2 locations left!) and then we will be moving Europe into beta-testing while we continue to add art, sound, and music assets. We’ve got a bunch of new art as well – our tilesets are finally starting to […]