About Blue Booth Studios

Blue Booth Studios Inc. is a game development studio founded in Edmonton during December, 2012 by Michael Morris (President) with assistance from Brian Hoeksema. Blue Booth Studios aims to bridge the gap between students and the game development industry by focusing on students, making use of their creativity and talents, and in return, providing them with the experience and tool exposure they need to be competitive in the field. To this end, students will develop a title with Blue Booth staff over the course of a year, giving Blue Booth a high product output rate. Similarly, Blue Booth focuses on working with local companies, and with other start-ups to cross-advertise, network new opportunities and foster local business relationships. Currently, Blue Booth is working with Avatar Media, which is providing art and mentorship. Blue Booth is also working on cross-advertising with Sunset Rising Film Productions, and Luiza Carhalvo (artist). In terms of products, Blue Booth has a game in development.

In terms of customer relationships, Blue Booth aims for an open community, one that draws in not only gamers but those curious about the game industry itself (it is true these two often overlap). Blue Booth engages and encourages questions about the industry, and plans to extend to an additional publishing function which will buy the best ideas from contributing customers, and then work with said customer in an advisory role to bring their idea to life. At this point, Blue Booth is finalizing incorporation and undertaking a website and kick-starter campaign to fund development of our first products. Blue Booth has received a few ideas for products from customers but is not yet in a position to publish them.

Blue Booth has an established business plan, which lists all the information here in more detail along with our mission and vision (excluded to avoid redundancy). Our products make a direct appear to hardcore and long-term gamers. Blue Booth has also gathered substantial interest from teen and new gamer audiences, due to our focus on discussing the industry. Cross-advertising allows Blue Booth exposure to markets it could not traditionally reach. Our short-term business objectives are to incorporate, get an active, engaged fan-base, complete our website and kick-starter, complete and sell our first product. Our long-term business objectives are to complete our flag-ship series and establish ties with University of Alberta, Grant MacEwan and NAIT. At such a point, Blue Booth can also grow to support additional platforms and distribution streams beyond our current streams.

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