Shop Tracking Plugin

Shop Tracking 1.01
Author: Michael Morris @Blue Booth Studios
Engine: RPGMaker MV
Language: JavaScript
Links: RPGMakerWeb Plugin Release Post
MV Plugins Entry

This simple plugin allows you to bind two variables to track the amount of gold players spend buying items in stores, and the amount of gold players earn selling items in stores.

  • Can track player gold spent/earned from buying/selling.
  • Common use is for Achievements.

No screenshots provided – this script doesn’t produce visible effects by itself.

How to Use
  1. Download or copy script into your game js/plugins directory.
  2. Import script into your project.
  3. Call script plugin commands within your own events or plugins.

This script has no external requirements.

Script: BBS_TrackShopping.js

Credit and Thanks
  • Micheal Morris @Blue Booth Studios
  • Credit to Tsukihime and all of those who have been supportive of my scripts.

Change Log
  • Plugin finished.

Known Bugs
  • None known.

Terms of Use
Free for non-commercial and commercial use.

Please contact us for details.

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